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Cold Dips
Marinated green olives with garlic, cloves & pickles
Fresh Yogurt, finely chopped cucumber & dill with crushed fresh mint & garlic
Cod roe mixed with fresh lemon juice, vinegar & extra virgin olive oil
Finely blended chickpeas, tahini, mixed with fresh garlic & lemon juice topped with olive oil and pinch of chilli
Ezme Salata
Chopped fresh tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, parsley & mixed herbs
Cold Platter for 2
Cacik, hummus, Taramasalata, Nut salad & Ezme Salata
Hot Dips
Crispy calamari rings served with tartar sauce
Halloumi & Honey
Sliced halloumi grilled & dressed with sweet honey
Spicy beef sausage
Mashed chickpeas, broadbeans & fresh vegetable fritta
Red Velvet prawns
Red velvet coated prawns served with a ginger, chilli sauce
Sigara Boregi
Turkish cigar shaped pastry made with feta cheese & phyllo dough
Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms£5.00Grilled mushrooms cooked in garlic butter & cheese
Hot Platter for 2£21.00Calamari, halloumi, sucuk, cheesy garlic mushrooms, sigara boregi & Red Velvet prawns
Chicken Shish
Five large cubes of chargilled chicken breast
Chicken Wings
Large juicy chicken wings
Lamb Kofte
Hand made lamb mince flavoured with herbs & peppers. Gluten Free option available
Chicken Kofte£14.50Hand made chicken mince flavoured with herbs & peppers
Lamb Ribs£15.00Tender lamb ribs
Chicken Thighs
Chargrilled tender boneless chicken thighs
The M Kitchen Lamb Burger
Lamb burger with cheese & onion rings served with salad or chips
Vegetable Kebab
Skewered aubergine, peppers, onions, mushrooms & tomatoes
Signature Dishes
Chargrilled Sea Bass£16.002 Fillets of fresh sea bass marinated in oil & herbs
Lamb Chops
Best end cut tender lamb chops served on the bone
King Prawn Kebab
The finest chargrilled king prawns
The M Combo
Our 2 most popular dishes chicken & lamb shish served together
Sharing Platters
The M Kitchen Mixed Grill For 2
Chicken Shish, lamb kofte, lamb chops & lamb ribs served with rice, bulgur & salad
Chicken Platter (serves 3-4 people)£45.00Chicken shish, chicken kofte, chicken wings & chicken thighs served with rice, bulgur & salad
Special Platter (Serves 3-4 People)£59.00Chicken Shish, lamb shish, lamb kofte, chicken kofte, lamb chops & lamb ribs served with rice, bulgur & salad
Sweet Potato Fries
Spicy Bulgur£3.50
Onion Rings
Mac & Cheese
Side Salad£3.00
Portion of bread
Grilled Veggies£5.50
Sauce Dips£1.00More
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